Hotel Issues

So I am actually considering going to Yaoi-Con after a 2 year hiatus but I have run into a problem. I need to find someone to room with....anyone have any room for an extra body? I don't bite I promise! =p
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Deterred but still determined

Well, this week I have been dealt a few set backs but I gave those the middle finger and rolled with the punches. I did not pass my CSETs which I needed to start student teaching this Fall. These exams are frustrating and an overall pain in the ass but I will not give up for they will be retaken in November. Of course I reacted horribly to the results, crying and screaming through every inch of my house, there was no one home mind you. I was pissed and frustrated with a huge looming feeling of incompetency. Travis calmed me down and convinced me that I wasn't this incompetent idiot too dumb enough to pass my test, this is what I felt like for a good part of the day.

After that settled down, the next day I decided to go to the gym too alleviate any lingering frustrations from the previous day. Well, when I came out to my car, the passenger window had been completely smashed in leaving glass everywhere. There was a huge scratch above my front right tire, a huge indent where the pry bar had been, my hood was popped, glass all over the inside of my car and my car wouldn't even start. Apparently someone had tried to steal my car, thankfully, nothing was taken from the inside in the failed attempt. I guess my car alarm killed the ignition the moment they tried to started the car even after attempting to bypass the system. I reacted fairly calmly considering everything and sat out there waiting for the police and then the tow truck for a few hours in the parking lot all the while hot and sweaty and in dire need of a drink and shower. Of course yesterday, to top off an already spectacular week, I drop my sunglasses in the toilet at the bookstore, thank god there was nothing in it lol.

Everything is over, it didn't kill me. I am even more determined to accomplish all of the goals I have set for the rest of the year. I am just going to take things one step at a time.
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(no subject)

Just finished watching the 1940's version of Pride and Prejudice. Oh so wonderful! I can't remember how much I loved that movie and story, and especially Sir Laurence Olivier. Such a marvelous Mr. Darcy, of course Colin Firth does a splendid job as well. I think I might have to indulge in my A&E version for a few hours and do a little drooling ;-)
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(no subject)

Wow, I cannot even remember the last time I even blogged. Ask me why I decided to after all of this time? Let me tell you.

The other day I was just remembering all of the great people I have met on here and the memories of Yaoi-Con and all of its inherent insanity. What made me think about it was the fact that I have found my old self repressed for so long because a guy thought it was uncool. Well I said fuck you to him and met someone wonderful.

Travis and I have been together for almost 11 months now and for the first time, I have found someone whom with I can be myself around. Travis has brought out my inner dork, which was always there to begin with, and I love it. We stay up on the weekend and watch Adult Swim, anime, play Warcraft for hours on end, and just stay up and talk. He is a smart-ass, brilliant, theater major who convinced me to take Improv classes at the college. Never in my life would I imagine standing up in front of people and making an ass of myself and not care what people think of me. He thought if I wanted to be a high school teacher, I had better learn to make an ass of myself lol.

Things are wonderful indeed. I should be student teaching in the fall, of course this depends on the results from the last portion of my CSET's. My anxiety level is off the wall as I wait for the results. Well I'm off to play Warcraft! Take care of you all and hope to hear from you guys soon!

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enough sleep to have weird dreams

So I had my big interview this afternoon. I think I did pretty well. My friend's dad has been with the company for a long time so he's going to put in a good word for me.

Well, with an interview on my mind and an enigma for a friend, I was up all night, I don't think I got more than an hour of sleep. I was asleep long enough to have a bizarre dream with D and Mako in it. Don't ask me why, I haven't seen you gals in awhile. God knows why we dream some of these things!

Oh and D? I just love your new icon ^____^ Peppermint Patty is one of the many nicknames I have acquired since I was little.
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persistence pays off

Great news for moi! After the two strikes against me yesterday, getting denied of financial aid for school and not getting published, today more than makes up for it. Went to the doctor's this morning to get a refill on my prescription and low and behold, I've lost 10 pounds! I had over the course of a year gained back some weight that I had lost early last year. Now with the doctor's help and my hitting the gym everyday, I'm back on track. Woohoo! Also, got a call from Halliburton, a huge energy corporation, and landed myself an interview for a dispatch position which I applied for almost 2 months ago. I thought it had fell through but guess I was wrong. My interview is on Monday. This job is the perfect opportunity for me to get back on my feet and financially stable once again. Yeah!
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change is hard

For anyone that knows me, change is hard and often nerve-racking. I'm so afraid of change or doing something crazy that I wind up staying in a comfort zone which for me isn't really comfortable. I know you only live once so what am I so afraid of? I'll tell you what. I'm afraid of what people will think. I'm so conservative that I'm afraid of doing something just a little daring. My earlier years were riddled with teasing and taunting from other kids that when I got older, I did everything I could just to blend into the background, not get noticed. Nothing can happen when you are invisible right? That's probably why I am the way I am today. Socially inept, bred from the social isolation I instilled upon myself so I wouldn't ever get hurt again. Yeah, look where that has gotten me. I'm slowly breaking out of my shell though and I'm telling you, it's been a hard shell to crack. My whole life has been based on what other people think, of pleasing and making others happy. I just can't do that anymore. So what if I disappoint some people along the way, that just can't be helped. Now it's about making myself happy, living life a little and learning to be myself, who I really am and have been hiding for so long. I want to do things that no one would ever have thought of me doing.....break their idea of who they think I am. And you know what? Tomorrow will be one of those things. Everyone will just have to wait and see what happens
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