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My thoughts, aspirations, and everyday B.S.

Trying to make sense out of life

9 November
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Let's see, what can I say. Well, there's nothing too interesting to say about myself. Hodgepodge would probably be the best word to describe me. I'm not just on one end of a particular spectrum, I'm a mix, Heinz 57 more like it. I'm an avid writer who hopes that someday I will become a novelist or be lucky enough to make a few bucks off of my writing. I enjoy sports, played soccer since I was 4 and all of the way up to a few years in junior college and university. I was pretty good in my younger years ^_____^ I enjoy old movies, classic music, oldies like the Beatles, and my new favorite is country music. I even love collecting antiques, I have quite a little collection going on.

The one defining thing about me however, something that all of my friends know about, is that I'm an anime otaku. I love everything anime, you should see my room. If you were unsure when you met me, just walk inside and then you wouldn't need any more convincing. Some of my closest friends I met through the anime world and I cherish them so much. They are the only ones I can talk rabidly about anime with without feeling like an absolute nerd. I love all series, especially ones with pretty boys. The only anime convention I've gone to is Yaoi-Con, plenty of bishies to go around. Even though it's the only one I've been to, who can resist a weekend with your friends drooling over gorgeous animation and art?

I've just revealed my inner-nerd and have probably scared off a great deal of people. So what if I'm a anime freak who loves country music, old movies, sports and antiques? See, hodgepodge is the perfect word to describe me.